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We are a modern industrial company focused on dynamic growth and innovation. Our main business is manufacturing polymer packaging products. Our clients are offered a wide assortment of plastic packaging products and lids of various modifications, design, and functionality – to be used for packaging a wide range of food products and household goods.

Our business

Our company is a specialist in blow molding packaging products. We use progressive manufacturing concepts and state-of-the-art technology that propels us to steady growth. Our experience and vision help us to meet the highest expectations of the plastic packaging market and remain the industry leader in our region. To our clients we offer a full manufacturing cycle that includes all stages of product design and development: from suggesting attractive designer solutions and making the press-forms needed for mass production – all the way to the actual manufacturing of the product.

What plastic packaging do we produce?

Since its foundation, only advanced technologies and modern equipment have been used in our production. Therefore, in cooperation with us, our partners always get products of perfect quality, representing our company.
We produce:
  1. Bottles;
  2. Canisters;
  3. Cans;
  4. Vials;
  5. Preforms of required volume and design.
Modification, appearance, design and volume — all these parameters are determined by client. Consequently, you can order plastic bottles of your original design and in your unique packaging. But we, as experts in the production of plastic packaging, will manage even at first glance impossible tasks!
Our production is capable of manufacturing any volumes of plastic products, providing it with all the necessary furnishing, including caps and other accessories. Our pricing policy for products manufactured from PP, PC, HDPE and PET is flexible - with consistent high quality!

Benefits of our plastic products (PP, PC, HDPE and PET)

  • Light weight: the mass of 1 plastic bottle is many times smaller than the one of a similar glass bottle. This property allows you to save greatly on transportation costs and the cost of drinks.
  • Durability and safe use. Beer and other beverages bottled in plastic bottles do not imply their treatment with caution and care. Plastic bottles do not bear any risk to the human health. And at the same time they are absolutely transparent and not abradable.
  • Convenience. It is much easier to open a plastic bottle with a cork than to open its alternative from glass or tin.
  • Cheap packaging. To pack up the necessary quantity of plastic packaging or bottles, you will need to purchase only a wrap film, rather than a mass of cardboard, plastic or iron boxes (crates).
  • Chemical safety. Plastic bottles do not enter into reaction with aggressive acids or alkali, do not emit dangerous toxins.
  • Photostability. Material should be painted in brown or green color in order to protect the plastic bottle contents from sunlight.
  • Environmental friendliness. Plastic packaging is harmless to the environment and after primary use is recycled.
Today plastic packaging from PP, PC, HDPE and PET is a recognized packaging leader for beer, soft drinks, dairy and other food products.
The first plastic bottle was produced in 1970, and after a half of century its advantages were implemented in absolutely all industries, manufacturing liquids for various purposes:
  1. Household chemicals;
  2. Auto chemistry;
  3. Cosmetics;
  4. Pharmacology;
  5. Foodstuff.

A possibility to stand out

Severe competition forces companies to engage smart marketing tricks, and the main task then is to "pick up" the customer. The easiest way to do so is to stand out with a bright, exclusive packaging. The most daring idea can be implemented in the plastic packaging. Furthermore the greatest effect is achieved when a bright plastic bottle is supplemented with a similar cover. In such cases, we take an active part in the design of your unique plastic packaging.

How do we manufacture bottles and other plastic packaging?

  1. Firstly, we prepare the desired preform from polyethylene terephthalate (and you can participate in the development of this design).
  2. Further, under the air pressure the bottle itself begins to form. Plastic at this moment can be colored in any color - this will not affect its safety.
  3. When the plastic bottles are ready for filling, they can be closed using corks that do not allow the carbonated beverages to stale after use. By the way, any diameter and modification of the bottle neck is allowed, it depends on the customer's desire.
Do not be afraid to be bold and decisive, do not be afraid to stand out! Attract customer attention with bright and colorful packaging! Spare resources and use safe raw materials, and we will be glad to back you and start a long-term cooperation!


GAMMAPLAST corporation always follows several fundamental principles that became our company credo ever since the day when our corporation was founded:


We are fully committed to diligence and professionalism while continuosly improving our operations and product quality.


We value our status of a reliable partner and do all we can to build client confidence. With that in mind, we focus on openness, flexibility, and competence – always being responsive to our client’s needs.


We are focused on discovering unique technical solutions and concepts that propel our company to further growth and new level of business efficiency.

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