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Over the last 20 years we have always been specializing in manufacturing of plastic packaging products. Our clients are offered a wide assortment of plastic packaging products of various modifications, design, and functionality  (HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, PET, and PVC based products)  - to be used for packaging a broad range of food products and household goods.

Ltd GAMMAPLASTS is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and is counted among the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging in the Baltic region.

Today, we specialize in manufacturing blow molding packaging products. We use modern blow molding technologies: extrusion blow molding of standard packaging, extrusion blow molding and forming of HDPE packaging, and extrusion blow molding and forming of Polycarbonate bottles.

To our clients we offer a full manufacturing cycle that includes all stages of product design and development: from suggesting attractive designer solutions and making the mould needed for mass production of bottles – all the way to the actual manufacturing of the plastic packaging product.

Our clients enjoy a wide range of services that we offer to address our clients’ packaging needs:

  • Bottle design and development in accordance with client requirements and needed technical characteristics
  • Design and development of the press-form in accordance to the customer’s blueprint
  • Per client request – making the bottle or canister prototype using a 3-D printer
  • Making plastic packaging of the required color, transparency, and resistance
  • Decorating plastic packaging
  • Stacking plastic packaging in bags, cartons, and pallets of various sizes – per client request
  • Shipping the product to customer
  • Technical assistance and advisory services




GAMMAPLASTS Ltd is located on the territory of a modern industrial park and operates state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and warehousing facilities that occupy about 10,000 sq. meters. Our modern and highly efficient infrastructure facilitates quality manufacturing process and storage of our products.

We operate modern high-tech manufacturing lines perfectly suited for mass production of plastic packaging. Our manufacturing capacity and scope of activities are growing in sync with the plastic packaging market expectations and requirements.

Our fleet of specialized trucks and vans ensures timely and efficient delivery of our product to customer and makes our logistics concept highly effective.

Our staff is a seasoned team of experienced professionals keen on continuous training and mastering the most sophisticated plastic processing technologies.





Our unique culture of corporate traditions, state-of-the-art technologies, and highly professional and motivated staff propelled us to the leading position among the manufacturers of plastic packaging in the Baltic region. Our experience in the market and dedication to quality allows our company to export our products to many countries around the world.

We do our business in strict accordance with the European quality standards such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 50001:2011, and HACCP principles. That is why we meet the highest expectations of our clients.  And our clients can be very demanding – among them you would find several leading European players in the food industry as well as many household goods manufacturers.

Nevertheless, despite many outstanding achievements, we are committed to growth. We continue to learn new technologies, open new markets, develop new products. Our company is always open to new ideas and concepts and to new venues of fruitful business cooperation.




Our strategy


Our strategy provided the stable growth of the company within 20 years of its existence. During these years we have gained an in-depth expertise in the production of plastic packaging. Ltd GAMMAPLASTS established itself as a leader in the production of plastic packaging in Latvia and is recognized as an industry expert in the Europe. We use the newest advanced equipment and technologies for the production of plastic packaging products. This allows us to supply high-quality products from PET or plastic at the lowest price and in the shortest time.

The production cycle includes not only the manufacture of a matrix and the delivery of packaging. In cooperation with customers we also develop innovative marketing solutions in the bottle design, which greatly increases the attractiveness of the packaging.

We start cooperation with a conversation about the design of the plastic packaging and by the end of it we deliver manufactured packaging to your premises. The great potential capacity of our production was possible because all prerequisites are met:

  • convenient production and storage facilities,
  • well-developed infrastructure,
  • advanced technologies for the storage of plastic products,
  • our own car park.

All our products comply with the European standards and quality guidelines. And we are always ready to implement the most daring ideas of our customers!


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