Our mission is to assist our clients in promoting their products to highly competitive markets around the world. It can be accomplished only by designing and making modern, state-of-the-art plastic packaging. We make it happen using advanced technologies and progressive manufacturing methods.




Our principles:

GAMMAPLAST Corp. adheres to several fundamental principles that remain unchanged ever since our company was founded in 1999:

Quality: We are fully committed to diligence and professionalism while continuosly improving our operations and product quality.

Reliability: We value our status of a reliable partner and do all we can to build client confidence.  With that in mind, we focus on openness, flexibility, and competence.

Innovation: We are focused on implementing modern technologies and methods that propel our company to further growth and new level of business efficiency.


Our obligations:

Before our clients: ensure high product quality, strictly follow all clauses of our partnership agreements

Before our staff: create agreeable working conditions, develop professional skills of our workers, provide attractive compensation to our team.

Before our shareholders: achieve business goals as they are stated, bring profit, and create an attractive yield on investment.

Before society: uphold social values, norms, and regulations – always acting strictly in accordance to law




  • Meet market demand for high quality plastic packaging
  • Strengthen our leadership position on the market of packaging materials
  • Facilitate sustainable growth of profitability and general efficiency of the company
  • Meet internationally accepted quality standards and our customers' requirements
  • Upholding and strengthening our corporate reputation as a reliable and forthcoming partner



  • On-going analysis of the plastic packaging market and timely reaction to market trends and changes in the market situation
  • Development of our production capacity and fine-tuning the plastic packaging manufacturing technologies in order to meet market demand
  • Promote export of plastic packaging to the international markets
  • Implementation of new technologies and innovative types of plastic packaging that contribute to improving better quality of the product
  • Finding individual solutions for the client such as decorating and labeling bottles, as well as providing other services that add value to our clients and therefore make us more competitive
  • Addressing new segments of the market for polymer packaging and offering new progressive packaging standards to the most demanding consumer
  • Sustainable fine-tuning of blow molding technologies and acquisition of the most advanced blow molding equipment from leading European manufacturers
  • On-going monitoring of our customers' needs and collecting their feedback to guarantee customer satisfaction at all times
  • Creation, motivation, and sustainable development of our own professional team




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