GAMMAPLAST Corp. is a specialist in manufacturing blow molding plastic packaging

Plastic packaging – from the very beginning it gained a significant market share in the packaging business and ever since continues to enhance its presence in the market. This competitive advantage of plastic packaging is driven by excellent technical characteristics and relatively low cost of polymers.

Our products include plastic bottles, jars, canisters, and flasks for food products as well as other types of household goods and chemicals.


To our clients we offer:


  • PET bottles for dairy products, mineral water, beer, juice, carbonated and de-carbonated beverages.
  • Polyethylene packaging for milk, yogurt, juice, kefir, and other food products.
  • Polycarbonate and Tritan bottles for potable water.
  • Polypropylene packaging for ketchup and sauces.
  • Polyethylene canisters for automobile chemicals such as motor oil, and other types of household and industrial chemicals.
  • Lids and handles
A more detailed information is available in our product catalogue

Advantages and technical properties of polymer packaging:


  • Transparency of packaging delivers a certain informational value to the customer – if necessary
  • Elasticity and durability of the material ensures resistance of packaging to mechanical damaging
  • Ecological value of the material is important because modern technologies allow complete re-cycling of polymer packaging thus minimizing the damage to the environment
  • Economical value of the packaging is driven by its light weight which reduces transportation costs and offers additional comfort to the user
  • Hermetic properties of the polymer packaging protect the packaged product from detrimental impact of the environment – such as sunshine, dust, moisture, and micro-organisms
  • Hygienic properties of polymers guarantee safety for the consumer
  • Plasticity of polymers results in practically unlimited design creativity – packaging can have almost any shape, profile, and relief and at the same time allows the consumer to enjoy the convenience of using the product
Thanks to its unique technical properties, plastic packaging became absolutely indispensable in the food industry and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, but also in machine-building, construction, and many other industries.


Fundamentally high quality of our products as well as the emphasis that we place on implementing and developing quality control systems indeed reflect the essence of our approach to business.
To uphold the product quality and to deliver high standards of customer service, we adhere to the following principles: 
  • Strict controls of the input materials, manufacturing process controls, and final product quality control system allow our products to meet the most demanding international quality standards
  • Air ventilation system in our manufacturing plant, clean and well-heated warehousing premises, strict requirements in regards to the staff hygiene, and on-going product testing in our laboratory allow us to manufacture perfectly clean and safe packaging for dairy products, cosmetics, baby food, etc.
  • Continuous risk management in accordance with HACCP standards allows us to take timely corrective and prophylactic measures to minimize possible risks
  • All polymer packaging that we produce is fully certified and licensed
  • Thanks to perfect operation of our quality control systems such as ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 50001:2011 and due to our strict adherence to HACCP principles, we manufacture high quality products that fully meet our clients’ expectations.





Our definition of packaging is – a vessel that contains liquid or bulk products.

We make various types of plastic packaging that differ in size, configuration, color, neck standards – ranging from small 50ml bottles to huge 20 liter canisters.

We manufacture the following types of packaging: flasks, jars, bottles, containers, barrels, stackable cans.

We also make plastic containers (PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, Tritan) that meet our client’s requirements and correspond to the properties of their products. Using modern blow molding equipment and respective materials, we always try to find the best solution that meets our client’s needs in regards to plastic packaging.

Per client request, we can make packaging with shrink labels and self-adhesive labels.

Should you decide that the existing assortment of packaging that we offer is insufficient, we would be happy to design a very special bottle or container that fully meets your needs and expectations.  



Caps – elements that serve for blockage of packaging but at the same time can perform other, more specific packaging functions

To our clients we offer lids, caps, nozzles of various colors and configurations. They come as standard elements of our packaging products but at the same time they are a very important part of the complex packaging solution that we offer to our client. It may include a plastic bottle or canister and a proper lid or cap.

Per your request, we can deliver caps with print outside or inside, induction foil caps, and contact foil to facilitate durable sealing of the bottle-neck.

Should you decide that the existing assortment of packaging that we offer is insufficient, we would be happy to design a very special lid or nozzle that fully meets your needs and expectations. 



Handle – an element that facilitates convenient handling and carrying of the packaged product

We offer handles of various colors and modifications to handle packaging of different weight and bottle-neck diameter.




Preform – a semi-finished product used for making extrusion packaging

We offer preforms used for making bottles, jars, flasks of different weight, configuration, and bottle-neck standards.

Our preforms are used to manufacture bottles and jars for packaging a wide assortment of products from different industries.



The technological process

The production of plastic packaging begins with the drying of the moulding granules. This process is performed on a special apparatus in compliance with strict rules of procedure. Any deviation from the rules can lead to the blooming of the bottle walls or the formation of cavities inside of it. Once the granules are completely dried, they will be exposed to a high temperature for melting.

If the packaging is supposed to protect the product from ultraviolet rays, then a liquid colorant is added to the liquid PET. The resulting mixture is formed into preforms by means of an automatic molding machine. As a result, we obtain the base material of plastic, resembling a tube.

Each plastic half-finished product (preform) is initially provided with a neck. It should be ideal for the liquid that will be filled in the bottle, and, if necessary, have special grooves for discharge of excess carbon dioxide.

The blowing-off a material from the preform is carried out after it is heated. Uniformity of the blowing of a PET bottle is ensured by a constant rotation of the preform around its axis.



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